Hi there.  My name is Rick Couchman.  I own OldSkoolWit.com.  Actually, I own controlling interest of the website.  51%. My dog Murphy owns the other 49%. Or so he thinks.

I’m not naturally a funny guy.  Sure, I can recite a good joke, but I’m no Robin Williams.  If anything, I’d be closer to a Rodney Dangerfield.  I certainly get no respect, especially from my wife.

I appreciate you stopping by.  My goal is to post funny stuff daily.  Things that I get a chuckle out of, at least.  You might not, and that’s okay. I’ll also update the following Instagram page daily: Instagram.com/OldSkoolWit.  Feel free subscribe to any or all!

Thanks again.  I’d love your feedback on the website and any funny bits you might want to send my way!

Cheers, Rick Couchman