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Instead of saying ‘calm down’ try using ‘you’re being irrational.’ Wives love being told they’re being irrational. Follow me for other great marriage-saving recommendations.

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Rating Sex

I used to love the Olympics until my wife Sherry started commentating and holding up score cards after sex.

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Stuffed Animal

This year for Valentine’s Day, I got Sherry a cute stuffed animal. She didn’t like it, but the taxidermist thought it was a nice gesture…

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Valentines Clean Up

Happy Single’s Discrimination Day. I’m sure you’ll be taking matters in your own hands. Don’t forget to clean up.

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Flick That Booger

I was out and about running errands this morning and at a red light, the lady next to me caught me digging for a booger. She started laughing so I rolled down the window and flicked it at her. Life is like that sometimes....

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