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Zombies at Costco

If zombies ever do attack just go to Costco. They have walls, years of food and supplies, and zombies can’t get in without a Costco membership.

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Toilet Brush

I went out and bought a toilet brush and couldn’t wait to get home and try it… Ouchie!! I think I’ll stick to just using the paper from now on.

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Minute Rice

Studies prove that what you eat can effect your sex life… so its a good idea to have minute rice on the DO NOT EAT list… always opt for “long grain”or “wild rice”.

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Viagra Woes

I’ll never mix Viagra with iron supplements again. 20 minutes after taking them, they spun me around and made me point north.

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Shoe Size

How long did it take Cinderella and the Prince to realize you can’t base a relationship on shoe size…

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Valentines Fail

Sherry still isn’t talking to me. Apparently, me trying to save a few bucks and buying her a bouquet of cilantro for Valentines wasn’t the best idea. On the other hand, I made a kick-ass potato salad for lunch...

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Instead of saying ‘calm down’ try using ‘you’re being irrational.’ Wives love being told they’re being irrational. Follow me for other great marriage-saving recommendations.

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Rating Sex

I used to love the Olympics until my wife Sherry started commentating and holding up score cards after sex.

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